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The 2008 presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most important and influential in recent history. The economy, healthcare, immigration and the war in Iraq are just some of the hot button issues that make this election so important. The next president of the US will help shape the way our country deals with these and other issues.

In light of these turbulent times I am dedicating a section of my site to the presidential elections in November. Not to tout one candidate over another as there is plenty of that to go around. Instead it is dedicated to getting people to Be Heard by voting this November.

To this end I have created some promotional material to help get the word out. If the response is good I am sure I will put together some more during the election season. As of now I have a poster and a wallpaper that you can see below. The wallpaper is free to use and distribute digitally just please give credit. The poster can be purchased at Imagekind. If you are interested in printing the poster yourself and will be using it for non-profit use you can contact me or send me an email to I am also looking for donations so that I can get some prints of the poster to be given to non-profit organizations.

Thanks to the following, Bittbox - for their great free resources, GoMedia - for their great free resources, tutorials and inspiration, PSDTuts - for their great tutorials and Barton Damer - for the inspiration for this piece.

Thank you for your time and interest.

John Cole

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Be Heard - Vote Wallpaper

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Be Heard - Vote Poster