About the Artist

Elizabeth Dunlop is a watercolor artist who lives in Mesa, Arizona. She has been producing art since she was a child. Her vivid, energetic paintings are unique and colorful. Lately, she has been creating her abstract art on gallery-wrapped canvas which seems to appeal to those with contemporary tastes.

Nature greatly influences Elizabeth's art. People say they see animals, wings, rocks, leaves, water; each piece is unique and alive with movement. Buyers of her art say they see different things in their pieces, depending on their mood or the light on that particular day. Her pieces seem to evoke an emotional response to her use of color and texture.

The light and translucent quality of her favorite medium, watercolor, creates an almost ethereal feeling in many of her works of art on canvas. She believes everyone should surround themselves with beautiful art in their home and work, creating good energy and emotions in the places where they spend the most time.