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Design Inspiration #3

Published Jun 08, 2010

For this design inspiration I am publishing an interview I did with Jeya @ MediaMilitia. I originally did this for my other site – resourcehive.com but because of a change of format I had to take it down. So here it is in all its glory. Enjoy!

If you have spent time on the web perusing design blogs then you have undoubtedly seen MediaMilitia.com. MediaMilitia is one of the most popular design blogs on the net specializing in freebies, tutorials and great content. I recently had the opportunity to sit down at my computer and have a great email conversation with Jeya, Media Militia’s founder and head honcho, on freebies, their effect on design, creative freedom and even a little snowboarding thrown in for good measure.

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Daily Design Inspiration #2

Published Jun 04, 2010

For today’s daily design inspiration we have a poster from Demen1. First let’s take a look at the poster:

BLACKOUT by Demen1

BLACKOUT by Demen1

Now my favorite part about this piece is the way that everything flows together. All of the elements just fit together perfectly. I really like the way the flourishes interact with the other elements, complimenting everything without overpowering as flourishes can. The layering and lighting give the piece real depth and the background compliments it all. The color scheme is great and the typography is spot on. Really a great piece with a lot working together. In lesser hands it could be jumbled and overdone but here everything is just right. Great work Demen1!!

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Daily Design Inspiration #1

Published Jun 03, 2010

I am starting a new daily post here on the blog. Now I know everyone does a design a day, or inspiration posts but I hope mine is a little different. Each day I will post up a design I like, but I will also talk about why I like it….so enjoy and check back every day for more.

For our inaugural post I want to start with a designer/illustrator whose work I really admire: Jeff Finley. This is the album cover he did for Beauty is a Black Hole. First lets take a look at the piece:

Beauty is a Black Hole - Jeff Finley

Beauty is a Black Hole - Jeff Finley

So why do I like this piece? Well first off I love the splash of color overlay right over the center…it kind of looks like a flame and I love its contrast with the otherwise monochromatic color palette. It goes without saying that the illustration is great (Finley’s always are) and the textures (both the light grunge patina and the tape) are great. But what really caught my eye and what I think really sets this apart is the Typography. Now I’ll be honest and say I am a sucker for Typography…but the work on this is top notch. The hand kerning on the block face title is great–the join on the T and Y in beauty for example shows great attention to detail. I also like the use of italics and the secondary type face is great. Just great attention to the small details that can really set a piece apart. Great work Jeff!!

You can check out the full piece over on Jeff’s portfolio site here along with some clips from the video tutorial he put together. Check it out!

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Suns vs. Spurs Wallpaper

Published May 03, 2010


This is a new Suns vs Spurs wallpaper…enjoy!

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Weekly Wallpaper | Bokeh

Published Apr 28, 2010


iphone | 1280×960 | 1600×1200 | 1600×900 | 1440×900 | 1920×1200

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