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Brand Name

You have a great idea for a new business. You've researched it on and off line. You even have some great ideas for a site to market it. Maybe you even have a color scheme. But now you're stuck. You need to come up with a name and you have nothing, nada, zilch.

This is an all too common occurrence when it comes to starting up a new business. Sometimes it's easy, maybe you are selling some type of service...your last name plus the service name (i.e. Cole Web Design) and you're good to go. Or maybe you had a stroke of inspiration and found the perfect name that embodies exactly what you're company does. But for most of us that's not the case.

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JMB Construction

I worked with the client to create a simple site that is easy to navigate. His goals were to present quality and dependability. I think we achieved that. Click here to visit their site.