Awesome job! They were a pleasure to work with. Will defnitely use them again.

Jason S., Phoenix

A promise from the owner. We want your business and we will work hard for it. Our pricing is always competetive because it has to be. Beyond price though, is quality. Everyone promises it, but how do you really get it? I have been in the construction business for 15 years and I know quality comes down to this. Use people who actually care about what they are doing, and just as important, have the experience to know what to do, and how to do it perfectly on every job. Once you find these people, you keep them. That's it! of course it's easier said than done.

Starting out in the Great Lakes State, I have built starter homes, mid-range homes, conominiums, and high-end custom homes-award winning homes! For years, I have learned what works and what doesn't. The JMB team is made up of experienced professionals in a family style atmosphere. We build quality every day. Excuses are not tolerated. I guarantee you will love your JMB completed project.

Best Regards,
J. Michael

We used them on a small job because the price was right. When we're ready for a big job, we know who to call. Thanks again,

Clay & Nicole D., Mesa

An addition adds value to any house or commercial building. The best additions don't look like additions. To accomplish this, you must have a good design and a builder that can take that design from start to finish. We have designers or can work with your designer to get the project started. Once the project starts, it is imperative that the builder has the skills in supervision, communication, codes, quality products, and the latest construction practices.

JMB Construction excels in all of these areas with our highly experienced professionals that adhere to a code of excellence, using quality control training and checklists, and also taking pride in every step. Our workers are highly experienced, career people, most with families. They’re neat and always clean up after themselves as well. We don’t send inexperienced rookies to your project. We will work hard for you and complete your addition on time and on budget. Contact us today for a free proposal..

While traveling a lot, JMB was finishing my house and emailed me pictures of the progress. The site was always clean, and I love the finished product.

Tony C., Phoenix

Means to make new or reform to a former better state. JMB Construction is a renovation expert. We have the experienced staff to make your project a stunning success. From refinishing the church pews, repairing damaged bath tiles, closing in that carport, redoing the kitchen & bath or simply replacing those out-dated, sticking doors, we are residential and commercial renovation pros.

We also offer many energy saving upgrades and green building products to save money and resources. See our Green Construction Page for more exciting information.

Have a unique need or problem? Let us solve it at price you’ll love. Again, we are experts and we love what we do. You won’t get the inexperienced punk with that car that leaks oil all over your driveway. Not here, ever. You will get pros with great attitudes and skills to complete the routine or complex renovations. Contact us today for a free proposal..